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About Us

Whittlesey Landscaping Service has been providing high quality landscape services for over 10 years, although had experience in the landscaping trade for over 35 years.

We work for the private sector to give our customers the best personal experience with a high quality landscape on completion. The services are tailor made to your personal preference making sure you're entirely happy throughout the project.

We spend One-to-One time with our customers to make sure that job satisfaction is received before, during and after your project.

Whittlesey Landscaping Services include the planning of the project; Quotations are free as well as designs and drawings. Designs and Drawings are only charged to customers when they are kept without having the project undertaken by Whittlesey Landscaping Services.

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Horticulture Amenity

We use local suppliers such as Plasmor, Stonemarket & AVS Fencing